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The Importance of Social Media

Social media is very important to communicate with all the people who are interested in your brand. You can increase your perception of a close brand through speaking, listening to their request, offering your products or service to your customers. As it is stated in their name, social media is about building a network of contacts to share content with others.

Social networks are very powerful tools for the company, because they allow to attract clients, give them a personalized treatment and to increase their loyalty to your brand. Social media are a vital component to build brand image.

With social media marketing provided by Adinteractive, we will make more visible your company within diverse social networks. We will help you to manage, administrate and use your social media profiles in the right way to achieve the goals of your company, improve your engagement and obtain an excellent ROI.

We will create and manage profiles using the most powerful social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare, among others.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, HOW DO WE DO IT?In Adinteractive we will help you to build your strategy in different social media and to use them in the most effective way to your business:

With our initiatives in social media we will improve your brand image and we will create a strong community of users surrounding your project.


Today, it is undeniable the need of the companies of being present in social media, to know and to respond to their customers’ needs. But it is essential to plan a strategy before taking the first steps. It is because of this that in Adinteractive we will do an exhaustive analysis of each company, choosing the proper channels and assigning value to available resources, choosing the right content and studying carefully the right actions to make.


The management of social media demands dedication, a content plan and a constant follow up.

In Adinteractive we will be in charge of posting on your behalf and periodically, we will follow up your websites and social media profiles, in order to inform you of all your users’ interactions.


We will manage the content to present your brand and services on the internet. To do that, we will update constantly your blog or webpage to generate new visits through recent content with good quality.

Quality contents are essential to generate traffic, interest and the involvement of your followers.

“Social media marketing improves the communication of your company, improves your positioning and influences your online reputation”